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Erotic Massage Madrid

EMM is the best way to discover the ultimate in pleasure, luxury and sensuality..Enjoy the true taste of pure and wild sexual massage, become more relaxed and ready for a new day. This is a new method of relaxation and treatment of body and mind. Feel like a God in the arms of Aphrodite.

  • Masseause Carina

    Masseause Carina

    Carina is beautiful masseuse with strong legs, flexible body. She has long and abundant golden hair and miss world's smile. She will make caresses with her big round...


  • Masseause Violetta

    Masseause Violetta

    Violetta is beautiful spanish masseuse, of golden toasted ten.Very beautiful face, long brilliant hair, round hips....


  • Masseause Lolita

    Masseause Lolita

    Perfection exist. She is latin beauty of 20 y.o., silky skin, black passionate eyes. Each massage is adventure for Lilia....


  • Masseause Cristian

    Masseause Cristian

    He's a young activities instructor of mind and body. He's experienced masseuse with spartan body. Be careful, his eyes are filled...


  • Masseuse Emma

    Masseuse Emma

    Emma is a mysterious masseuse of strong legs and silky white skin like vanilla. That precious Russian tennis player....


  • Masseuse Angeline

    Masseuse Angeline

    If there were a contest of sweetness, Angeline would miss Dulzur . It is impossible to leave her, has distinctive curves, is an authentic Model PinUp...


  • Masseause Mirabella

    Masseause Mirabella

    Woman 3 S : sensual, sincere and sensitive. She has a body of Goddess. Full of sexual energy, very feminine and self-confident . ...


  • Masseause Erica

    Masseause Erica

    She is a beautiful Slavic girl with precious blue eyes that shine like gems. She’s the type of woman with class that men are drawn to, to conquer...


  • Masajista Leticia

    Masajista Leticia

    Name: Leticia. Measurements: 90/60/95cm Height: 5’6”. Languages: Spanish, Russian, English. Personality:: OTHER SERVICES...