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For girlfriends or wives of men who go to Erotic Models Massages.


A Russian comedian made more than 100,000 viewers laugh by talking about erotic massages.
This is a short translation:
“Girls, who lets her boyfriend go to massage with happy end?” (Happy ending) and carefully added "end of yours..." everyone lough
Many women raised their hands.
“I let him go" - said Victoria: when my man comes from the massage with a happy ending, he tells me "Vika, you are the best, you are my treasure, etc."
And Victoria says, however when he doesn't go, he comes angry saying, “you don't know how to cook, you've gained weight” and so on.

The truth is, this fact is real. And me, the founder of Erotic Models Massage would also let my man go to the erotic masseuses with a happy ending, there where sexual relations are not allowed as in Erotic Models Massage.
One of the qualities of a geisha is to say "you are free honey, only you decide, and everything gonna be as You want and you know it". Exactly that phrase was repeated by the eighth wife of a man who had 7 marriages before her. And for the first time he felt free and in fact had no need to search anymore.