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Erotic Massage Rates

Massage EMM

180€ CENTER - 250€ HOTEL

60 min
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Massage VIP The best choice

250€ CENTER - 350€ HOTEL

90 min
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Session EMM 2

330€ CENTER - 450€ HOTEL

120 min
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Erotic massage services

Your masseuse will personalize session considering your needs and will be realize with creativity. Erotic Massage services. You can choose erotic supplements, specified below.

In Erotic Models Massage each massage session has especial instrumental elements and essences. For example in the LIGHT massage which removes the stress or jet lag, we use music with natural beats mixed with lavender essence to perform a complete relaxation massage.


In Erotic Models Massage we work to offer excellent experience for clients and for masseuses. That is why we introduce the option what uses most of all of our clients. When your masseuse exceed your expectations, you can thank with tips. Usually 20€ or 50€. Ladies appreciate and express the gratitude for that.

€ 150 Centre and Hotel (60 min) € 200


€ 180 Centre and Hotel (60 min) € 250


€ 250 Centre and Hotel (90 min) € 350


€ 250 Centre and Hotel (60 min) € 350


€ 300 Centre and Hotel € 400


€ 330 Centre and Hotel € 450



You can ask directly to the masseuse the following supplements:

  1. Prostatic Massage -50€ (Request one masseause specializing in prostatic massage, special knowledge is required)
  2. Fetish -50 €
  3. Change of Roles (you give massage to the model 5-20 min) - 0€
  4. Body ejaculation -50 €
  5. Sumata- 50 € termination pseudo-sex.

Glossary EMM

  1. Tao - transformation of sexual energy. It helps you archieve your goal and even dream.
    Once upon a time, the sexual energy management has been associated in China with great vitality, powerful senses, clarity of mind, vibrant Health, personal Charisma, psychic powers and ability to prolong life beyond its ordinary limits. Now Tao method used only by 2% of mens in the World.
    Tao will give you the Luck what you truly need.
  2. Finger-player. You can play and slightly penetrate your masseus by finger, so the pleasure is mutual.
  3. Fetish- caress by masseurs feet.
  4. Lingam-Manual relax, just happy ending.
  5. Sumata is japaness pseudo-sex. Very pleasurable happy ending. The masseuse uses her private parts outside for a happy ending. Condom Use.
  6. Facesitting- The masseuse in thong is placed in position 69 (T- back) while performing lingam, so you can enjoy the scent of a woman.