Did you know that?…

Erotic Models Massage Agency is founded with a purpose to serve with high standards.
For example our masseuses are not only talented and beautiful models, they are spiritually educated.
What does it mean?
We never offer oral sex, any kind of sex, because energetic and mental diseases are transmitted through sexual channels. If a person is a man or woman who offers oral sex and has a disease, once is enough to have contagion of a multitude of mental and energetic viruses. There is also a disease that is transmitted by sexual chakra and throat chakra pathways – they are chronic fatigue and can cause disability due to headaches and muscular hypertension. Please Love yourself! Choose a massage instead of a f..k with a mentally, energetically ill woman. We have some good news for you. In a session with Mirabellaexpert in Dao techniques and protection, you can learn how to put the energy shields against contagion of psychic and mental viruses. This class of 15 min is included in the price of your Vip massage, you will have fun at the same time it will be your best investment if you are a lover of beautiful women.
There is a customer who said that he uses condom, even to receive erotic massage! But erotic massage “lingam” has existed for thousands of years and great Kleopatra performed it to her lovers. It is unique enjoyment without sin! Elite champions are first on the list of our clients – because they knows about the sacred benefits of erotic massage with Erotic models massage.

We continue with warning! Even though people use physical condom in their sexual relations, it does not mean that it protects them from diseases of the third millennium: mental disorders. But it does protect from sexual infections. At Erotic models massage we are happy to celebrate the following news: thanks to a new law, the consumption of prostitute services in Spain is prohibited. This change further supports us in our mission. We want prostitution to end for the good of all.

Share please this article with your friends. And if you have had a lot of sexual relations, you can take healer of ours who can disconnect sexual connections and remove them with the root. We have in our team an international qualified healer with 20 years of experience. She is extraordinary!
And remember, this article is created to prevent diseases. For those gentlemen who realize that health is the most important thing and without it there is no enjoyment in life. And here we have come to enjoy, smile, to receive massages, to love and feel!
I wish you from all beautiful masseuses of the world vibrant health and sexual resilience!
Mila Osho